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3 Ways to Improve Your Recycling Game

For people who like to live an eco-conscious lifestyle, recycling is a necessity. Of course you want to melt down all the plastics, re-press the paper, and recast all the glass! Why mine for electronic parts when we can recycle them? There’s a way to re-use and upcycle just about anything. But it can be challenging to meet your full recycling potential. Here’s how to improve your recycling game in an eco-friendly apartment community like the ones at our Western National properties.

1. Rinse Bottles and Containers Before Recycling

When you finish a bottle of soda, juice, or tea, it can leave a sticky residue behind. Cans and jars may still have food remnants. This can create a smell or pest problem, so it’s always best to rinse your recyclables before dropping them in the bin. Stubborn containers may require a little soap, but it’s worth it!

2. Choose Brands with Recyclable Packaging

Try to avoid disposable packaging that can’t be recycled. Instead, favor brands that always use bottles, cans, and containers that go through the recycle hoppers easily, and cardboard labels that can go in the paper recycling bin. You can even reuse glass bottles and jars in your own kitchen!

3. Know Where Your Electronics Recycling Drop-Offs Are

It always feels like a shame to throw away an almost-perfectly-good old piece of equipment. But old phones and tablets give out eventually. You can make sure all the rare metals in the battery and motherboard are reclaimed by sending your devices to an electronics recycling location near you. You can find them at e-ATMs, Best Buys, repair shops, and many other places near you. A quick internet search is all you need!

Improve your recycling habits with these simple tips, or get crafty and make your own DIY projects using plastic bottles and more. Ready to join an apartment community that likes green living as much as you do? Contact us today to learn more.

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