Ikea’s Green Living Solution for Indoor Gardening

We all know that gardening is a great way to reduce our impact on the environment. It’s a way to grow fresh food, reduce our dependence on the supermarket (and on all the fuel it takes to truck food across the country), and it ensures we put some produce in our meals.

But what happens when the growing season is over and you can’t walk out to the garden to pluck a tomato off the vine? Or what if you don’t have a garden because you don’t have any land of your own to use around your apartment? It turns out, there’s a green living solution for indoor gardening, and it’s available at Ikea!


Indoor Gardening Using Hydroponics

Hydroponics gardening is something we typically associate with laboratories and urban farms. In short, they’re a method of growing produce indoors, using a minimum of resources. Most hydroponics don’t even have dirt! Instead, they use a mister to deliver the ideal amount of water and nutrients to growing seeds. Hydroponic systems are easily the most efficient way science has found to grow food.

That’s why Truth Theory recently took a look at the hydroponic system offered by Ikea. This cabinet is easy to install, and it allows you to grow several rows of plants. This way, you can have fresh fruits and vegetables all year round, using the minimum amount of water, power, and nutrients necessary for success.

What an innovative green living solution for indoor gardening!

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