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If You Want To Be More Eco-Friendly, Upcycle Your Stuff!

We’ve all had that moment where we’ve been going through our closets and found something we just don’t want anymore even though it’s still in good shape. Maybe it’s that pair of jeans that’s never going to fit again or that nest of wire hangers you haven’t used since your mom gave them to you your first year in college. On one hand, this stuff is cluttering up your living space, but on the other, you don’t want to toss it in the trash.

This is where upcycling comes in.

What Is Upcycling (And How You Can Benefit From It)

The idea behind upcycling, according to Hip Cycle, is to take an existing item that is not valued or useful (it may even be broken), and to turn it into something that is useful and valuable. Cool, huh? For most of us, it’s the sort of thing we watched our grandparents do. They would take an old door and turn it into a table, or make a quilt from old tee-shirts.

While not everyone has a crafty streak, upcycling projects come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and difficulty levels. For example, if you have some tools, the know-how, and you like smoking meat at a back patio party, you could turn a keg into a grill. If you’re looking for something a little easier, then try to make a simple bubble blower for some summertime fun. All it takes is a plastic bottle, a washcloth, and a rubber band.

Use What You’ve Got To Make What You Need

Upcycling takes dozens of different forms, and you can use practically anything to do it with. There are also projects for any skill level. Thanks to the ubiquity of crafting videos on YouTube, there are endless possibilities out there. Simply find the upcycle projects that use the materials you have to make things you’ll use.

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