3 Unique Houseplants For Your Apartment

When choosing plants for your apartment, think about where that plant grows in nature and if your apartment can offer similar conditions. It’s more than just the lively green colors and fresh scents with which they will fill your home; plants add oxygen to the air while removing pollutants. For instance, most cacti live in hot, dry areas with plenty of sun but infrequent rainfall. Unless you can offer them a sunny windowsill in a low humidity environment, they’re probably not your best choice. They’re also not a good choice if you tend to overwater!

Lucky bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana)

These plants not only survive appalling conditions in offices everywhere, but they actually thrive! Poor light, dry stale air, and sporadic watering… This plant can handle it and continue to grow. To keep it flourishing and looking its best for many years, place your lucky bamboo in the proper growing conditions. These plants tend to prefer bright, indirect light and moderately moist soil with good drainage.

Piggyback plant (Tolmiea menziesii) 

Piggyback, pickaback, mother-of-thousands, youth-on-age… This charming plant has almost as many descriptive names as it has leaves sporting tiny babies riding ‘piggyback’. Sometimes the largest leaves will feature three generations of piggybacks. These plants like cooler temps, evenly moist soil, and high humidity – the same conditions it experiences as a ground cover in its native Pacific northwest woodlands. Moderate to bright light will keep it from getting leggy, but too much direct sun can turn its lush, fuzzy green leaves crispy brown.

Dancing Bones (Rhipsalis species)

Other common names include bottle plant, drunkard’s dream, mistletoe cactus, and several more. Although they look as bristly as other cacti, most of them are covered with soft hairs rather than spines.

Many of these multi-branched epiphytic cacti grow high in the rainforest canopy where they live in the notches of trees. They prefer dappled light or semi-shade, moderate humidity, and rich soil that drains well. Because of their growth habit, they do well and look best in hanging baskets.

Always rotate your plants so they grow evenly. It’s easier to remember if you make a habit of doing it just before every watering. Also, these plants all appreciate being misted at least every couple of days.

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