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Green Living: Make a Difference With Hemp Toilet Paper

Sometimes the best way to make a difference in the world is to just change one aspect of your life. To do one thing differently, and to make that change permanent. Making one change at a time reduces your overall carbon footprint. If you’re looking for one more aspect to alter, why not buy hemp toilet paper from now on?

Hemp-Based What?

Most of us never think about how much toilet paper we go through in a year. But if you stop and consider it, we flush a lot of this stuff down the tubes. Hemp toilet paper, such as the variety offered by Hempies, is just as good as most other types of toilet paper out there. But since it’s made from hemp instead of traditional wood pulp, it helps drive the need for more commercially-grown hemp.

What Makes Hemp Such a Big Deal?

As more restrictions on hemp have been raised over the past several years, and more research on the plant has been done, a lot of serious benefits have been discovered. For one, it has 85 percent cellulose as opposed to the 30 percent of cellulose in most trees. That means you can get nearly triple the amount of material out of hemp as you can a tree. Hemp also grows significantly faster than trees, and you can harvest hemp in 4-5 months as opposed to the decades it can take a tree to fully mature.

And the more hemp that gets used for traditional paper products, the fewer trees that get cut down instead. This allows the trees to grow and act as a long-term carbon sink, while we use hemp for our short-term needs. And by switching just one part of your daily routine to hemp, you help normalize and increase that.

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