Help The Environment And Switch To Ebooks

E-books are not a new thing at this point in time. Kindle has been around for years, as have many of its competitors, which allows you to read electronic books on your phone, your computer. While there is something to be said for the feel of a real book in your hands and the fact that actual books don’t run out of battery power, the numbers don’t lie. If you’re a dedicated reader, ebooks are greener. Both for the environment and for your wallet.

Back in 2010, The Washington Post analyzed the environmental costs of traditional books versus e-books. According to the results, during the manufacturing and transport phases, a brand new paperback creates about 17 pounds of CO2. An iPad creates about 286 pounds of CO2 and estimates put the Kindle at about 370 pounds. That sounds like a big discrepancy, but ask yourself how many books you read in a year. Around 10 books? Maybe 20 books? Because if you read 30 books in a year and you bought them as ebooks instead of paperbacks, you’ve already dug yourself out of the red for either electronic device mentioned.

In addition to producing less CO2 for avid readers, ebooks are also friendly to your wallet. A book that might cost $10 or more as a paperback can often be picked up for $2.99 as an e-book. There’s no waiting to purchase and you can read day or night. If you have a charger that runs off of sunlight, it won’t even take power off the grid.

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