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4 Eco-Friendly Tips for Healthy Desk Plants

There are few things more delightful than an indoor garden. One little desktop plant can be enough to brighten your day during tough work hours, and tending to your plant is a great form of meditation. House plants are also great decor for a sustainable home, as they improve air quality and more. To maintain healthy desk plants, it’s important to take good care of them. At Western National, we’re here to help your plants thrive.

1) Artificial Light vs Sunlight Requirements

Know your plant’s need for light. Is artificial light during work hours enough or does it need to soak up the sun? Home offices are ideal for sunshine-dependent desk gardens if you have a convenient windowsill near your desk that catches a few hours of direct sunlight each day. However, most desk plants are better suited if they can grow on artificial light alone. Check out an eco-friendly LED grow light. Know your plant variety and choose wisely.

2) Know Your Indoor Temperature Zone

The inside of your apartment or office will determine what plants can grow. If your home is typically close to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, then you can support more tropical or desert-type plants on your desk. For colder home offices, choose house plants that can survive a chilly environment and the occasional frigid evening cycle. Remember that the power used to heat and cool your apartment makes up a significant part of each month’s electric bill and choose plants accordingly!

3) Avoid the Temptation to Over-Water

Most good desk plants don’t take much watering. Their small pots and sturdy constitutions mean they survive well if, say, forgotten about for a week. But that also means it’s essential to avoid over-watering. Some plants don’t need watering every day, like cacti and succulents. Be careful not to drown your plants or cause them to rot with too much water.

4) To Bonsai or Repot?

Finally, decide how big you will allow your desk plants to grow. Stuck in small pots and trimmed down, they will stay small forever. However, you can also choose to replant in larger pots so your plants have a chance to grow bigger under your care. Make which ever choice will make you happiest with your desk garden over time.

Keeping a garden in your home office is delightful and relaxing as long as you follow these steps for healthy desk plants. Contact us for more eco-friendly and green ideas for apartment living.

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