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How to Grow Rosemary In Your Kitchen

Rosemary is a beautiful herb with a pleasant aroma that elevates the flavor of many dishes. Growing it in your kitchen is a great way to go green as it can reduce food waste, requires little water to thrive, and purifies the air through photosynthesis. Its natural beauty alleviates stress and brings joy to everyday routines. When cared for properly, rosemary will grow abundantly, and you can have an endless supply at your fingertips. Here are three tips to grow rosemary in your eco-friendly Western National apartment.

1. Planting

The easiest way to plant rosemary is to take a cutting from a healthy, established rosemary plant, and repot it in cactus soil. This type of soil drains well and mimics the soil found in the Mediterranean. It will give your cutting a good start. Next, be sure to place your new plant in a sunny kitchen window where its leaves can get at least 8 hours of sunlight. 

2. Watering

To keep your rosemary in its most beautiful and beneficial form, develop a regular watering schedule. When you first plant your cutting, keep the soil lightly moistened, but not soggy. It doesn’t like to be consistently wet and may develop root rot if over-watered. Once the plant becomes established, cut back on watering to once every couple of weeks. Rosemary prefers to absorb water through its leaves and will enjoy a light misting with a spray bottle every few days.

3. Pruning

Rosemary can reach a bountiful size of 48 inches, but it can also thrive in a smaller container using the right pruning techniques. Light pruning of a newly established rosemary plant will encourage new growth at the cut. This will give you a fuller-looking plant with more aromatic leaves. Once it becomes well established and begins to outgrow its container, trim the roots back by 1/3 to stunt its growth and allow it to thrive in its smaller container.

If you’re looking for a great way to improve your cooking, add something beautiful to your home, and improve your green thumb, find a sunny windowsill and use this easy guide to grow rosemary!

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