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3 Tips For Greener Cooking and Baking

When you’re looking for ways to be environmentally conscious and make eco-friendly choices, there are many unexpected ways to do so in the kitchen. Western National has you covered with great tips that will make for greener cooking and baking no matter where you are in your eco-friendly journey.

1. Use One Pan

As wonderful as cooking and baking at home can be, there is often a lot to clean up. When you are washing pots, pans, and serving dishes, you consume a lot of water and time. An easy way to use fewer resources while cooking or baking is to make one-pan meals or treats. 

When you’re baking, some recipes allow you to mix ingredients in the same pan that you put in the oven. Then, simply serve and enjoy from the pan. For dinner or other meals, using a sheet pan is a great way to roast seasonal vegetables and proteins like meat or tofu all together. This saves time and distributes delicious seasoning and marinade to all the food. Serve from the sheet pan once your meal is ready.

2.Keep Pots Covered

When you are making food on the stovetop, a lot of energy is wasted when pots are uncovered. To boil water more quickly and reduce energy use, keep the lids on pots when cooking. You’ll find that you will be able to turn down the heat sooner since your food will cook more efficiently. Just be sure to stir food regularly and monitor the stove to avoid any spillovers.

3. Consider Other Cooking Methods

While a stovetop and an oven are basic appliances in most kitchens, they use a great deal of energy. Other appliances like electric pressure cookers can save not only energy use but also time. Pressure cooking also lets you use more parts of vegetables since you can soften them more easily. There’s even the added bonus of one-pot meals to cook and serve.

Other appliances like toaster ovens can be used for baking and other cooking. Since these ovens are smaller, your food cooks more quickly because there is less area to heat. They also use less energy to power.

Revamp your kitchen use with these tips for greener cooking and baking. When you’re looking for other ways to live green, reuse aluminum foil in interesting ways.

For more eco-friendly guidance for your apartment lifestyle, contact us at Western National.

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