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How to Appreciate Your Apartment’s Green Spaces

Many apartment complexes feature beautifully landscaped spaces, and our Western National properties are no exception. But many people who live in apartments still don’t take full advantage of the green spaces and landscaped flower beds of the apartment grounds. As a green apartment dweller, these spaces should be a joy and a recreation for you. After all, landscaping is just one of your residential perks. So how can you remember to really appreciate your apartment building’s green spaces?

1. Stop and Smell the Flowers

Take a moment — or a few moments — to stop and smell the flowers. The next time you walk past the bed of beautiful blooms on your way to the car, stop and admire their delicate petals and vivid colors. Take a deep breath and enjoy the fresh, lovely aroma of these living flowers growing right outside your door.

2. Run, Bike, Play, Swim, and Sport

Use the space! Go running or biking on the paths. Play in the fields and swim in the pools. If there are sports courts, bring your equipment and a few friends for a game. Apartments maintain these spaces for you to enjoy. Take in the beauty of your natural surroundings and enjoy outdoor activities in manicured green spaces.

3. Get Into Photography and Bird Watching

Bring your camera and try a little bird watching. Catch the flicker of a hummingbird over the flowerbeds or photograph the same flower as it buds and grows each day. Photograph the light through the trees at dusk or the eerie color of the sky on an autumn morning. There is greatness to be seen in nature, and sometimes we see it best through a camera lens.

4. Take Your Work Outdoors

If your remote workday could use some tranquility, take it outside. Set up a deck chair or grab a soft grassy spot to rest your laptop. Do a few hours of work outdoors. You may even notice that a little extra sunlight boosts both your mental and physical sense of wellness during a busy workday.

Don’t forget to pick up any litter you spot outside! Looking for an apartment that embraces natural green spaces and the local ecosystem? Contact us today.

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