Green Living With Aquaponics In Your Apartment

As those with a green thumb already know, the most delicious herbs and spices are the ones grown fresh in your own backyard. When creating a delicious meal, certain herbs and spices usually take center stage as the star of the show.  Unfortunately, for many apartment residents, growing herbs can be quite a task… until now. Green Living apartment residents can enjoy all the freshly grown herbs they need right from their comfort of their apartment.

Aquaponic aquariums are quickly becoming more popular due to the variety of sizes available. Depending on the amount you wish to grow, one or multiple small tanks can easily fit in an apartment with very little set-up and maintenance.

Including homegrown ingredients into a meal not only improves the flavor, but is also beneficial to your health and the environment. Studies have shown that fruits and vegetable grown at home contain much higher nutrient levels than store-bought items. In addition, for every herb grown at home, that is one less plant transported by carbon emitting trucks to grocery stores across the country. Growing your own produce also reduces the amount of pesticides used on farms that contribute to a polluted environment. It may be small but every bit helps to save the environment.

Also, aquaponic tanks are extremely water efficient. Much more so than regular fish tanks. Usually aquaponic fitted aquariums use 90 percent less water than regular tanks so residents don’t have to worry about unnecessary water waste.

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