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Green Living Tips: 5 Ways To Reuse In Your Daily Life

We all know the phrase: “Reduce, reuse, recycle.” And while we tend to remember the first and the last part of this cycle, a lot of us sort of skip over that middle part. However, if you’re looking for ways to live a greener life, then reusing what you have is of paramount importance. In fact, here are a few green living tips on how to reuse things in your day-to-day life.

Tip #1: If You Don’t Need It, Donate It

Whether you’re doing regular spring cleaning or you just saw an episode of Hoarders and you feel a household purge is in order, ask yourself if the things you’re getting rid of are still usable.

Everything from those jeans you’ve been holding onto since high school to that rug you don’t really like are still perfectly good items. Instead of throwing them in the garbage, donate them to charity. This keeps them out of landfills, ensures they stay in circulation, and reduces the need for fresh items to be made.

Additionally, you can claim the items as a tax deduction if you give them to a charity, and that’s a win-win situation for you!

Tip #2: Fix It Before You Replace It

How many times has something in your house glitched or cracked and you simply bought a new one? Instead, take a hard look at what’s wrong before tossing the item out on the corner. Sometimes all it needs is a new screw, some wood glue, or just a new gasket to be good as new.

In fact, with so many DIY videos on YouTube, it’s more possible than ever to repair what you have before replacing it.

Tip #3: Stop Using Disposables

We all know the numbers regarding one-use shopping bags, and we know the responsible thing to do is to bring our own reusable bag. This cuts down on waste and ensures we don’t go through the extra effort of recycling all those plastic bags.

However, if you apply that logic to other things in your home, what else could you get rid of? Replacing your paper towels or paper napkins with clothes that will last for years? Using glass pitchers instead of one-and-done plastic water bottles? There are all sorts of options!

Tip #4: Buy Used

Everyone loves saving money! One of the best ways to do this while also staying green is to buy used or refurbished items.

So whether you’re picking up second-hand books and DVDs or acquiring a new-to-you car, bed, laptop, or TV, using items already in circulation rather than creating additional demand helps you save on the environment!

Tip #5: Ask What Else You Could Use An Item For

Even if you’re not particularly crafty, there are a lot of projects where you can turn trash into treasure. Ideas include making unused coffee cups into decorative planters or turning a Pringles can into a dice tower. You can often give new life to your old stuff with a little creativity, some glue, and a new coat of paint.

For more green living tips on leading an eco-friendly life, simply contact us today! As purveyors of environmentally-friendly apartments, we’re experts in helping you keep your eco-footprint as small as it can possibly be.

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