3 Green Living Tips For Apartment Residents

Living a cleaner, greener life is something we’re all trying to do in this age of eco-awareness, but it can be difficult when you live in an apartment. After all, you may not have the space to grow a garden or start a compost heap, and you certainly can’t install solar panels on the roof. However, if you look at the space and resources you do have available, you’ll find there is plenty you can do to reduce your impact on the planet. Starting with the following tips.

Green Living Tips For Apartment Dwellers

Tip #1: Don’t Let The Water Run When You Wash Dishes

Washing dishes is a daily task for many of us. If you wash your dishes by hand, don’t just let the water run. Instead, fill two tubs with water. One hot and soapy for the washing and one plain for the rinsing. This reduces the water you use substantially and if you use eco-friendly soap, you can use the “dirty” water on any plants you have inside your place.

Tip #2: Use Cold Water And A Drying Rack For Dishes

Everyone who’s ever lived in an apartment knows the washing machine dance. You need to get in when you can, and often that means early or late washing. Using the machine at off-peak hours is good for electricity use, though, and using cold water is even better. While you can use the dryer, a cheaper and more eco-friendly solution is to use a drying rack for your clothes. They’re collapsible and they can save you a lot of quarters over the long run.

Tip #3: Get Off Junk Mail Lists

How many days do you find your mailbox stuffed with mail addressed “to resident”? Well, that mail costs paper and gas as it’s delivered to you. So, while you can recycle it, you’re much better off making sure it never gets to you in the first place. Contact whoever is sending you this junk and have your address taken off the list. That way you’ve cut down the world’s waste by a small degree in the short-term and a rather large degree in the long-term.

For more advice on how you can be a cleaner, greener resident, simply contact us today!

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