Green Living On Your Kitchen Table

Green living is as easy as decorating your kitchen table. It’s truly only a matter of making small changes in lifestyle to start living green.

For example, apartment dwellers might consider newly available vertical plant gardens. Ideal for growing herbs, there are many models available, like the Plantscape Vertical Garden from Target. Most retailers now offer a variety of vertical planters in terra cotta, wood, resin and upscale models framed in copper or zinc. These planters are attractive and it’s fun, convenient and healthy to snip your fresh salad off the wall.

Decor is one of the main reasons why people grow plants in their home. Recently, the benefits to health and well-being were revealed in reports from NASA. Other findings indicate ill persons recover faster with plants in the house. A second reason is also for health. While there is no proof available that all plant varieties are healing aids, many soothing teas are reported to improve some health conditions.

In efficient apartments, it may seem like there is no room to grow, yet many households now make room for fresh herbs or micro-greens in small trays on kitchen tables and counters, and other available space near windows or patios.

Without investing in pots, seeds or soil, it is possible to place the tops of vegetables in water and grow edible or decorative plants from produce you are probably throwing away. Beet tops produce fresh, leafy greens for salads or cooking in a little over a week! Other vegetables like parsnips, rutabagas, and carrots can be grown from the top slices in water on a plate.

As always, do a bit of research before you gobble up greens grown from root plants. There are a few that might cause indigestion. Rutabaga greens are a bit sassy in taste, but they grow quickly and make a lush, bushy plant for decoration.

It IS easy being green and you can find out more about green living lifestyles from Western National Property Management. Contact us about living eco-friendly and ever green.

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