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Green Living: Local Food for More Eco-Friendly Meals

Maybe you love your imported Italian cheeses. Maybe you have a fondness for exotic Asian snacks.  Nobody’s telling you to give those things up, completely. But let’s take a look at ways you can help the environment through your choice to purchase locally-produced foods for more Eco-friendly meals.

Less Fuel Used to Transport Food

Let’s face it; typically you’re thinking about how wonderful your food tastes, not about how far your food has traveled.

But take a moment, right now, to think about the emissions impact of your food choices. Was your frozen produce cultivated in a faraway locale? This product may have traveled hundreds – or even thousands – of miles to get to your plate.

If it’s a cold product, the sunk energy costs add up even more, when considering the energy used to keep the food safe.

Less Distance Means Less Packaging

If your food is coming from a far-flung, distant land, it’s going to be wrapped in yards of plastic, and/or it will be encased in a thick layer of cardboard. Most of us haven’t seen the back room of a supermarket; you would be astonished by the amount of plastic and cardboard discarded on a daily basis.

That packaging equates to the destruction of trees (in cardboard) or the manufacture of additional petrochemicals (for plastic). In the end, that packaging will likely remain in a landfill for generations after your meal has been consumed.

Yet, when you purchase your food from a local supplier or farmers’ market, you’ll cut down on the packaging required to transport the goods.

You Can Talk to Your Farmers

Many times, our food arrives on our plate from a mysterious origin. Even if the product is labeled “organic,” we may not know the specific farming habits of the grower.

Go to a farmers’ market and talk to the people who grow your foods. You’ll likely discover that their farming practices are respectful to the environment; if not, your words may have an influence.

If you talk to local farmers, you might also encourage them to grow heirloom seeds, encouraging a diversity of produce that helps keep our food supply diverse.

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