Green Living with Living Greens: Clean Air Project

Green living is commonly associated with recycling and reducing environmental impact, but there’s so much more you can do to go green. Did you know that the quality of air in your home could benefit from greenery? Read on to learn more!


Improving Your Air Quality

Even in the cleanest house, we may be exposed to various contaminants. Dust, dog hair, and household cleaners are just a few examples of some materials in the air. Luckily, there’s an easy way to improve the quality of your air and enhance the beauty of your living space.


Purifying Your Air Via Green Living

Many health-conscious homeowners and renters are turning to air purifiers. While these undoubtedly improve air quality, most of them use disposable filters. Nothing disposable is eco-friendly!

Fortunately, there’s a green alternative to air purifiers: plants! Bringing living greens into your home is a cheap and effective way improve your home’s air quality.

NASA has researched the potential of houseplants to clean the air. They recommend having at least one plant for every 100 square feet of living space. Obviously, smaller plants cover smaller areas. Also, not all plants absorb all chemicals, so go for variety! According to NASA’s study, the following plants are as functional as they are beautiful:

  • Gerbera Daisy
  • Peace lily
  • Florist’s chrysanthemum
  • Snake plant
  • Spider plant
  • English ivy

Keep in mind that NASA only tested a small handful of houseplants, so even if your favorite isn’t on the list, it might still be beneficial.


You Don’t Need a Green Thumb to Go Green!

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, there’s no reason this solution can’t work for you. Many of the plants on the list are notoriously easy to care for. Plus, you can grow new English ivy, snake plants, and spider plants from cuttings of the original plant. With a little patience, you can get several plants for the price of one. What manufactured air purifier does that?

NASA‘s scientists said it best:

“If man is to move into closed environments, on Earth or in space, he must take along nature’s life support system.”


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