a picture of a small apartment food garden in a windowsill

Green Living With an Apartment Food Garden

One of the disadvantages of apartment living is that the opportunities for gardening are somewhat limited. However, with a little imagination and some modern technology, you can grow some of your own food inside your living space. You will thus have a ready source of things to eat that you do not have to buy. Even if your apartment food garden only consists of a potted plant out on the balcony or patio, every little bit helps.

Ideas for an Apartment Food Garden

If you opt to turn your tiny outdoor space into a food garden, the Urban Organic Gardener has some good ideas. One unique idea you’ll learn is how to select plants that can use the limited amount of sunlight your patio or balcony gets.

Vertical Garden

Inside your living space, you might opt for a vertical garden, like Urbio or Wallygro, which can be mounted on the wall like a picture. This has the added bonus of beautifying your bare walls and helping to freshen the air. You can literally harvest salad fixings from your living room or bedroom and take them to the kitchen!

Home Hydroponics

A home hydroponics system, such as AeroGarden, is also an option. You can grow anything from tomatoes to peppers to various herbs in these devices. The good news is that it controls the precise amounts of nutrients and lighting without pesticides or anything else that might affect the environment.

Home hydroponics can serve as the ultimate garden-to-table food source, which can also be a great conversation piece.

Growing Mushrooms in a Cardboard Box

You can even grow mushrooms in your apartment, thanks to a low-maintenance product called the Shroombox, offered by Fungaea. These cardboard boxes contain just about everything you need to produce oyster mushrooms for your table. Just add water twice a day!

Providing Food and Helping the Environment

You can practice gardening while creating a great source of fresh food and helping the environment at the same time. It’s a win-win-win all around.

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