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How to Enjoy a Green Halloween

Fall is in the air! This season is filled with opportunities for enjoying the cooler weather with friends and family. Holidays can generate plenty of waste, but luckily there are lots of ways to enjoy a green Halloween. Here are three of Western National’s favorite tips for making this spooky season a bit better for the environment.

1. Thrift Your Costume

Buying a premade Halloween costume you will likely throw away or donate after one use is not the best option for your wallet or the environment. These costumes are often cheaply made and overpriced. You may even show up at a party or other Halloween event in the same costume as someone else. Putting together a custom costume from thrift store finds gives preowned pieces a second life and helps cut down on waste.

2. Enjoy Locally Grown Pumpkins

Although it may be more convenient to simply buy a pumpkin at the grocery store, that produce likely had a long journey from where it was grown to your hometown. By choosing a locally grown pumpkin from a nearby pumpkin patch, farmers market, or similar source, you can decorate for Halloween without contributing to the high carbon emissions that come with transporting produce. Decorative pumpkins will also usually last throughout the entire fall. Then, you can eat or compost them instead of throwing them away.

3. Choose Green Options for Your Halloween Party

Making a few simple changes can make throwing the ultimate Halloween party in your apartment a bit greener. Bake fall treats instead of buying packaged candy and other snacks. Use reusable dishes instead of reusable ones. You can also be sure to set out recycling bins for any plastic products you do use. These tips can help you cut down on the excess waste that can come with large parties. 

Choosing these green Halloween options can help you enjoy a bit of spooky fun in your apartment while saving the environment. Contact us today for more eco-friendly seasonal tips or to schedule a tour of any of our properties that interest you.

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