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Green Decorating Tips for Small Spaces

Bringing the beauty of green living inside can be challenging when space is limited. Here are some great ways to get a natural feel and look to your home without feeling cluttered or overwhelmed.

Look to Nature

When decorating your rooms consider the textures and patterns in nature and incorporate those into your scheme. Use materials made from natural fibers. Jute, rattan, hemp, and wicker are good examples of fibers and designs that have an organic feel and look to them.

Choose colors that are seen in nature. Green and brown tones are found throughout the plant world. Blues may remind you of the open sky or bodies of water. Neutral tones in beige, tan and white are soothing and can make a wonderful backdrop for other colors. Yellow brings freshness and joy like a bright sunny day.

Decorate With Nature

Bring the outdoors inside in small ways with decorative touches from nature. For example, try seashells in a small container in the bathroom, driftwood as a coffee table centerpiece, or small jars of beach sand. In your kitchen use bowls of fresh fruits and vegetables as the centerpiece for the table. Photographs, paintings or murals of nature scenes can add to the mood as well.

Use Your Senses To Enjoy Nature

Natural lighting and fresh air are a must for green living. Sheer, gauzy drapes will allow sunlight to drench your apartment with a golden hue. Feeling the sun on your skin and smelling fresh air does wonders for your wellbeing and health.

Get Started Now

So add some green to your apartment with these easy, green decorating tips. If you are in need of an apartment call Western National Property Management today. We have what you are looking for when it comes to modern apartment living

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