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3 Ways to Use Kitchen Scraps for Green Cooking

Cooking is among the most trash-producing activities in the home. Vegetable trimmings, extra grease, package wrappings, and crumbs produce a fair amount of debris from each and every meal preparation. Some chefs are neater than others but there are always some organic kitchen scraps that you find yourself wishing you could reuse. Well in many cases, you can. There are many ways to use what you might otherwise have thrown away. Here are some green cooking ideas to upcycle your ingredients.

1. Save Cooking Grease and Trimmings for Stir Fry

Pour off grease from meats like bacon and beef. This grease is rich with meat flavor and you will likely cook with oil again soon. Try bacon grease as the oil in your next stir-fry. Use meat trimmings to flavor soup or sautée them with vegetables for extra flavor. Your trimmings and grease can provide a richness of flavor for at least one additional meal per recipe.

2. Blend Stems Into Smoothies

Nobody likes a mouthful of veggie stem, but there are still good nutrients in those chewy stalks. While you could cook them into soup stock, the best way to get all the fiber and minerals from stems and stalks is smoothies. Blend them into a veggie-fruit smoothie and it won’t matter if the flavor came from stem or leaf.

3. Cook Leftovers Into Hash or Casserole

If you’ve got small amounts of good food left over after a meal, cook it all together. A kitchen-sink soup, casserole, or a nice gravy hash all have potential for reusing leftovers in delicious new combinations. Serve hot with toasted bread for a delicious, hearty meal.

Using leftover kitchen scraps for your green cooking is a great way to contribute to an eco-friendly lifestyle with your diet. If you’re looking for more great insights into green living or a green-lifestyle apartment community, contact us today!

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