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3 Tips for a Green Breakfast Routine

The first meal after waking up has long been heralded as the best way to jumpstart the day. While not everyone likes to have a big meal in the morning, we all have a breakfast routine. Whether you like a big cup of coffee or a tasty omelet, Western National is here with a few ways that you can enjoy a green breakfast routine.

1. Reusable Coffee Filters

If you like to start the day with a hot cup of coffee, consider making the change to a reusable coffee filter. There are many different options depending on if whether you have an electric drip machine or percolator, or if you prefer pour-over coffee. One great choice is a canvas coffee filter made from organic materials. Simply wash it under running water when you’re done and hang it to dry in your kitchen. One canvas filter replaces hundreds of paper filters over the course of a year.

2. Clean Out Your Fridge

It’s easy to be tempted to grab a granola bar or quick meal on the go in the morning. However, to fuel your body for the day, try to make a tasty breakfast at home using what you have in the fridge. Leftovers from the night before can be flavorful additions to most omelets. You can add proteins like beef or even chop up old French fries for a new take. 

Wilting vegetables like spinach can add nutrients to a simple smoothie made with yogurt and mushy fruit like bananas. Even if the fruit may not look its best, it’ll still provide a tasty start to the day.

3. Plan Your Meal Ahead

Many people find it challenging to find the time to make food at home. Planning your meal in advance saves time as well as waste from takeout and to-go containers. It’s also healthier and more affordable. One easy favorite is overnight oats. Simply take a large glass jar and fill it with rolled oats and your milk of choice. You can add almond or soy milk if you prefer. You can also buy regular oats in bulk canisters and prevent waste from single-use instant oatmeal.

At Western National, we’re here to help you form more eco-friendly eating habits, from these tips for a green breakfast routine to cooking and baking. For more information about green apartment living, contact us.

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