Going Green: First Steps

Want to better the environment but don’t know where to start? When it comes to green living, minor changes in habit can easily lead to big impacts in your house and community. Here are three simple ways you can go green today:

  1.  Begin Recycling

While this is one of the most stereotypical pieces of advice for someone just beginning to live a green life, it is largely because it is the stepping stone to a life of awareness.  An average American produces 4 pounds of trash per day and an excess of 1.5 tons per year–it is also estimated that up to 75% of this waste is recyclable.  Paying attention to just how much your household consumes daily begins to make you think of creative new ways to decrease that waste, spurring even more sustainable ideas for the house.

  1.  Swap Traditional Bulbs for CFLs or LEDs

On the opposite end of the spectrum, from the hands-on advice above, is the changes that you can make once and forget about.  Largely, this involves technological changes, such as light bulbs. It is estimated that simply making the switch from incandescent to CFL bulbs saves on average $50 a year, saving both the environment and your budget.

  1.  Unplug Glowing Electronics When Not in Use

Anything that continues to glow when not in use (such as a charger or a television) continues to use power–earning many of these items the nickname “vampire.”  Simply unplugging these offenders when not needed can save a family on average $200 per year… that is more than the average residential electric bill!  While this may be a hard habit to begin, it is clearly worth it in the end.

From hands-on habits to one-time changes, we have counted down three of the easiest ways to go green today.  However, what helps a home stay sustainable more than anything else is a supportive community.  Western National Property Management is committed to creating sustainable properties, full of suggestions and initiatives to live a greener life.

If you would like to learn more about how to go green at home, or are looking for an apartment home in California or Nevada, contact us today.

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