Going Green Can Save You Money

Reducing your carbon footprint can seem like a daunting task to take on. While it appears like quite a lifestyle adjustment,  it’s actually very easy and can save you money too! Here are a few tips on how going green can save you a few bucks.

Start a community garden:

A community garden does so many wonderful things! It gives tenants the opportunity to compost items that would otherwise go into the landfill. The compost creates nutrient rich soil for the garden. The additional plants, fruits, and vegetables growing are great for the environment. They reduce CO2 and increase oxygen. It brings the community together and saves everyone money at the supermarket.

Make your own cleaning supplies:

Making your own cleaning supplies saves you money and is an easy way to go green. Most people buy a new plastic bottle of cleaner at the store when they run out. By making your own cleaning products, you buy one reusable bottle and use inexpensive green ingredients. You aren’t filling your home with toxic chemicals and you aren’t filling landfills with additional plastic bottles.

Take the bus or carpool:

Many apartment communities reside near the bus line. According to Transportation.gov, there are a number of zero-emission buses being rolled out! Alternatively, you can carpool to work with a friend. That puts one less car on the road. Taking the bus or carpooling is not only good for environment, it’s great for your bank account!

It is so easy to live green and save money! We strive to make it easy for residents to do both.  Contact us today to learn more about our green communities!


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