Go Green In The Kitchen!

Some of the best reasons to go green all around are better living with less chemistry. A few of the answers to that can be misleading. Insisting that your groceries be labeled ‘organic’ can be an issue. The laws and regulations concerning what the FDA considers organic is not always the best practice for good quality foods. Do some homework on your sources and make informed choices.

  • Now, for the fun stuff. If your neighborhood or complex doesn’t have a community garden check into spearheading one. Good food and cooperation make for good neighbors. A well-tended garden can feed a lot of people.
  •  If there isn’t an option for the big plan, start looking small. Balconies are great for barrel and container gardens. Fresh greens, bush beans, tomatoes all do well in a garden like that. Even a window sill can handle small containers. Think herbs, small leaf lettuces, grape tomato bushes. If you have any reasonably sunny space, you can make some sort of garden to add to your food choices.
  • Remember, if you are planting and tending the food you grow you know what you are eating. Satisfaction of accomplishment and good food all in one green package. What could be better?
  • Multi-use naturals! You juiced the lemon, orange, or grapefruit (or maybe all three). The zesty peels can be added to bottles of vinegar and used to help clean your kitchen space. Drop some of the peel into the garbage disposal and whir away some of the icky odors.
  • Clean a cooktop or cutting board with a bit of baking soda and a half orange or lemon, after juicing, as a scrub brush. Clip some of the herbs you’ve been growing and drop them into vinegar or water to make the kitchen smell wonderful while chasing away pests. Little bugs and little critters are not fond of peppermint!

If you have the garden, don’t forget to compost your veggie scraps to replenish the soil. Part of being green is making the most use of everything you grow or raise. We may not make it to zero waste quickly but if each of us aims for we will be a lot closer. Want to know more, just ask!

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