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5 Simple Ways to Furnish an Apartment for Green Living

One of the things that an environmentally-conscious apartment dweller can do to live comfortably and greenly is to be wise in how he or she furnishes their living space. In fact, with a little effort, you can create a beautiful living space while reducing your impact on the environment. So, here are a few ideas to furnish an apartment for green living to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle!

Buy Furniture Made of Wood from Sustainable Forests

Climate change is a great concern for many. The world needs more trees, not fewer, to better deal with all that extra CO2. Some tree farms do produce wood in a sustainable way, avoiding clear cutting and replenishing the stock of trees.

Also, the Forest Stewardship Council certifies that products are made from wood that is grown to its standards. Therefore, look for their logo when buying furniture.

Furniture Made from Recycled Materials is Good, as Well

Furniture built from recycled materials can be used to furnish an apartment in an environmentally-friendly way. The materials can be from wood, metal, and even plastic. The idea is that anything reused does not get discarded into a landfill. This ultimately saves on the environmental cost of production from new materials.

Buy Locally

The cost, both economic and environmental, of transporting furniture from a distant manufacturing plant can be enormous. So, the advantages of purchasing tables and chairs from local craftspeople are two-fold: it helps the environment and supports the economy of your local community.

Buy Durable Furniture

The more durable a couch or a chair is, the less likely it is to get broken and wind up in a landfill. Plus, furniture that lasts for decades can be seen as an investment that can be handed down through the generations.

Avoid Toxic Chemicals

Try to find furniture that has not been treated or finished with toxic chemicals. Greenguard offers certification of low-toxicity materials.

Furnishing your apartment for green-living doesn’t have to be a challenging feat. In fact, for ways on how to maintain a green lifestyle, contact us for more information! Our blog hosts a plethora of tips and tricks to help you in your journey!

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