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5 Tips for Success at the Farmers’ Market

One of the most eco-friendly ways to shop is at your local farmers’ market. Farmers in the regions around your neighborhood gather to sell their produce and homemade goods directly to the people. You can smell the freshness of the vegetables, and taste the handmade quality of the fresh-baked bread and jars of jam.

If you’re new to farmer’s market shopping, don’t worry. Western National has five pro tips that will make sure your day is a success.

1. Bring Small Change

Bring your money in small bills and spare change. Vendors are likely to be making exchanges in cash, and you’ll want to be ready to make as many delicious little purchases as you want.

2. Head Out Early and Swing By Late

For the best selection and the highest quality produce, go early in the day when farmers are just setting up their booths. This is the best way to snatch up popular items that sell out quickly and get your pick of unbruised vegetables.

On the other hand, if you want the best deals, swing by late as the farmers are starting to pack up. Clearance deals and bottom-of-the-basket bundles can save you a fortune.

3. Try New Foods on the Spot

Be prepared for samples and delicious unexpected lunch opportunities. Farmer’s markets are often a great place to discover new flavors that are homegrown and home-cooked.

4. Buy Bulk to Freeze

Don’t be afraid to buy in bulk. Farmers’ markets sell seasonal produce, which means it’s at its best when at the market. If you buy in bulk, you can prep and freeze the majority and enjoy farm fruits and veggies all year.

5. Don’t Forget Your Totes

Finally, make sure your reusable tote bags are packed and ready to go. You’ll want them for easy carrying of all the fresh and handmade treasures you’ll find at the farmers’ market.

Visiting the farmers’ market is just one of the joys of eco-friendly living. Contact us at Western National today for available apartments in green communities that align with your values.

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