Experience Eco-friendly Freedom with Portable Solar Panels

As an environmentally conscious individual, at times it can feel that you don’t have as many earth friendly decisions as you would like. However, today, new technologies are allowing every individual to take advantage of responsible energy from the sun thanks to a new innovative product called SolPad.

What is SolPad? It is a new handheld and easily transportable “smart solar panel” that allows individuals to harvest the power of the sun, whether it is in the window of your apartment to power a household item, or next to you by the pool, keeping a fan powered to keep cool.

The SolPad isn’t just beautiful in design, it is also a disruptive and technological breakthrough bringing solar power to those who at once could not afford it and forced to rely on fossil fuels. In addition, the device also includes breakthrough battery storage, as well as cutting edge software to deliver clean energy powering your needs.

Not only is the new technology handy, it could also help residents save money. The SolPad is automated to switch to stored battery power collected from the sun during high-energy use times. When low energy use comes, it will revert back to the grid for power. This saves residents money.

The innovative technology of SolPad helps residents save money, gives energy flexibility, and most importantly reduces the use of harmful fossil fuels. To get more information on the groundbreaking technology of Solpad, please click here. For other environmentally friendly ideas, we encourage our residents to consider, please feel free to contact us anytime!


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