Clean Your Place With These Environmentally Friendly Products

Why use toxic, harmful chemicals to get rid of germs? How counter-intuitive! These 5 cleaning supplies will let you avoid those nasty products while ensuring your place is properly cleaned!

Vinegar– Mix distilled white vinegar and water and you’ve got a magnificent product to clean floors, toilets, and countertops! Pesky carpet stains can even be removed with white vinegar. Pour some in spray bottles to leave around the house for a quick clean up job.

Dr. Bronner’s Soap– With good reason, people rant and rave about these products. Bronner’s has wonderful flavors like peppermint and lavender and contains fantastic ingredients like jojoba or coconut oil. The potency is strong, and a few drops can clean anything from laundry to the bathtub.

Baking soda– It’s crazy that an item so cheap and common makes such a useful tool in your cleaning regimen. Baking soda removes grime from surfaces because of its abrasiveness. Additionally, it absorbs odors. So, if you’ve neglected you fridge for too long, this is the item to turn to.

Lemons- Add lemon juice to any of your natural cleaning products and have a fresh smelling home that will rejuvenate you as soon as you enter! Lemons are also a bleaching agent so they’re perfect for any surfaces that you’d like brilliantly white.

Let us know what natural products you’ve been impressed by and contact us if you’d like more tips on green living!

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