Environmentally Friendly Apps

As Kermit the Frog says, sometimes it isn’t easy being ‘green’. With a busy lifestyle and so many things needing our attention, it’s easy to forget even our best intentions. Add these 8 environmentally friendly apps to your smart phone, and make being green a little bit easier.


Instead of plugging in your iPhone or Android phone and forgetting it, use this app to give yourself a gentle reminder to unplug your phone. Choose a ringtone and the app will ring to let you know that your phone is done charging. No more leaving it charging for hours – now it doesn’t need to charge for a minute longer than necessary.

“So, how many apps does it take to change a light bulb? Just one!”

The right light bulb can save energy, money, and time (since it won’t need changed as often). The Light Bulb Finder app will tell you the average energy rate based on your zip code. You can even change it manually based on your current bill.

Just choose the incandescent bulb you’d like to swap for a more energy-efficient option. Enter the specifications of your current, energy-draining bulb, and the app will offer you the best CF (compact fluorescent) or LED with which to replace it.

It will also show you a picture of the new bulb, along with the estimated annual energy savings and the approximate time to recoup the bulb’s cost.

U.S. Farmers’ Market Finder

Find the nearest certified organic farmer’s market with this app from the United States Department of Agriculture.

Love Food Hate Waste

Now that you’ve bought all that delicious organic produce, don’t let it go to waste! This app will suggest recipes based on what you’ve purchased, plan meals around the contents of your refrigerator and pantry, and even remind you to use the leftovers. No more science experiments in the back of your ‘fridge! You can even earn achievement badges for not wasting food.

Water Buddy

Set a water savings goal and this app will monitor your meter and let you know how you’re doing. It will even warn you when you’re about to exceed your ‘limit’.

Virtual Water

This app keeps track of all the water you’re using – even the water used to grow the food on your dinner plate! Knowing how much water was used to create or grow something you’re considering buying can help you make wise purchasing decisions.


This app will suggest more than 1.6 million ways you can recycle. To make it easier for you to work your way through that rather large list of suggestions, it lists nearby recycling centers along with the items they accept. Connect it to your social media accounts and you can even brag about your recycling exploits!


Find recycling locations in the U.S. with this app. It will also let you know what can and cannot be recycled or donated.

If you are dedicated to living in an environmentally responsible way, contact us. We’re committed to helping our residents achieve their green living dreams.

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