young couple utilizing energy-saving tips with a programmed thermostat

Energy-Saving Tips for Green Lifestyles

Utility bills are a fact of life, but there are little changes that can decrease your expenditures and help you become energy efficient. Drafts, wasting water, and poor climate control all contribute to how much energy and money you spend. Check out our favorite energy-saving tips for fast and easy ways to cut costs and increase efficiency.

Simple Energy-Saving Tips

Install A Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are a great way to reduce your utility bill and conserve energy. There are tons of programmable thermostats on the market, so take the time to research your options. You’ll find some that can be monitored from your smartphone or tablet and others that change the air temperature based on preset times.

Check For Air Leaks

Small air leaks in your apartment can mean energy and money going out the window. Perform a quick check to see if you have air leaks and then seal them up. You can use a lit candle to determine if air is moving in and around your windows and doors. Check your light fixtures and outlets as well. If you’ve discovered ventilation leaks, choose a¬†VOC-free sealant such as Eco-Bond to seal the cracks.

Save On Water

Leaky faucets waste water and increase water bills. If you have a leaky pipe, make sure maintenance¬†knows about it and schedules a repair. If you’re feeling handy, you may be able to perform simple repairs such as replacing the washer ring in your faucet. Replace your regular shower head with a low-flow shower head and cut water usage in half. Another way to save on water is to install a dual-flush toilet.

Small Changes Can Mean Saving Big

These simple energy-saving tips can save you, and your Western National apartment, money as well as energy. Green, sustainable living is possible! Contact us for more information on green living and energy efficiency.

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