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Get Ready for an Energy-Efficient Summer

Are you ready for an eco-friendly summer? There are a variety of ways to reduce the amount of energy you use in the warmer months. Here are a few tips that will help you put your best green foot forward this season.

1. Seal the Windows

Start by sealing up your windows with removable weatherstripping. Place the material around the part of the window that doesn’t move and as well as the section that opens. 

2. Update Your Curtains and Blinds

How your apartment soaks up sunshine has an effect on your energy efficiency. Did you know that dark curtains can heat up your house, while white curtains help provide natural light and reduce heat? Change out your winter curtains for summer curtains, favoring light colors and layers of gauze and fabric. This way, you can decide how much light or heat comes into the home.

3. Choose Your AC Temperature

Finally, decide how hot you’re going to let your house get during the day – and at night. Your max tolerable temperature determines how much cooling needs to happen. The hotter you enjoy the house, the less AC you’ll need and the less cold air there will be to escape. Save power by turning the AC down after dark so there’s less heat to fight.

An energy-efficient summer is all about understanding heat and sunshine. Once you master these things, your apartment will be comfortable and your power bill will be manageable all summer long. Contact us and check out our blog for more tips and tricks on eco-friendly apartment living.

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