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Eco-Friendly Web Browsing? Ecosia Can Help

When it comes to changing your habits to help the environment, what things come to mind? Separating recycling from your trash, perhaps? Not using single-use plastics? Or how about taking shorter showers, carpooling with co-workers, and planting a garden?

All of these are certainly good things, and if you can do them then you definitely should. However, what if you could make a big difference to the planet just by changing the search engine you use? That one, tiny change can have big results if you use Ecosia.

Ecosia, according to its info page, is a search engine with a simple goal — to help plant trees. And it does that with the help of people just like you.

What is Ecosia?

When you type in search terms into any search engine, those search results have ads on them. For hosting those ads, the search engine gets a small fee. What makes Ecosia unique is that it takes a majority of its profits and donates them to organizations around the world that are dedicated to reforestation efforts and planting more trees to help combat climate change.

Is That Really All It Takes To Fight Climate Change?

Yep, pretty much. All you have to do is run your searches through Ecosia, and the rest takes care of itself. The more traffic the search engine gets, the more fees it earns from its ads, and the more trees it can help plant all around the world. Best of all, you don’t have to spend a dime. All you have to do is change which website you go to when you’re looking for movie times, shopping online, or trying to find that little piece of trivia you’ve been wondering about.

For more on simple things you can do to live a cleaner, greener life, simply contact us today!

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