Biodegradable Trash Bags

Try These Eco-Friendly Trash Bags

Many of us are trying to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing the waste we create every day. It’s why we recycle, attempt to replace as much of our single-use products as possible, and why we try not to let things expire before we eat them. Even if you’re really diligent, though, there’s still going to be at least some waste coming out of your home. And for most of us that means throwing our garbage into an old-fashioned plastic bag before we chuck it in the dumpster.

But what if your trash bags could be more eco-friendly too? Well, that’s where Hippo Sak comes into the picture.

What Makes Hippo Sak So Special?

As Deep Ecology points out on their green trash bag review, Hippo Sak offers plant-based trash bags that are made up of as much as 80 percent sugarcane. These bags are completely biodegradable, as well as being made from a renewable resource, which makes them a double victory for those who are looking for one more little thing to add to their everyday green habits.

However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the options Hippo Sak provides.

In addition to their plant-based biobags, the company also has a line of garbage bags that are specifically made from recycled ocean plastic (at least 20 percent.) These bags help create a market for plastic that most don’t want to deal with, normalizing clean beaches and water at the same time. The company also offers smaller, compostable bags for collecting all your kitchen scraps and similar waste, allowing you to keep everything organized while still making sure it breaks down in the dirt outside.

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