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5 Eco-Friendly Tips For Apartment Living

When you live in an apartment, you’re already doing your part to leave a smaller carbon footprint. However, there are plenty of additional steps you can take if you want to live a more green lifestyle. If you’re looking for a place to start that goes beyond separating your recycling and turning off the lights when you don’t need them, consider some of these eco-friendly tips for apartment living!

Tip #1: Hang Some Curtains

While getting your privacy is important, curtains are one of the best options you have for maintaining your energy efficiency. Curtains provide insulation at your windows, which helps keep cold air outside during the winter months, and the cool air inside during the warmer ones.

Not only that, but they add a homey touch that can make your place feel that much more comfortable.

Tip #2: Switch To Green Power (If You Can)

Apartment dwellers don’t have the option of putting solar panels on their roofs, but what you can do is contact your local utility provider and ask if they have a green energy program. As Green Living highlights, there may be green energy providers near you, or at least utilities that offer a green energy enrollment plan you can join.

Tip #3: Bring an Eco Pack When You Go Out

When you go out to dinner, how often do you bring home leftovers? If you know you always have a little something for the next day, then consider bringing an eco-pack with you when you go out. According to Apartment Therapy, it can be as simple as packing a small Tupperware container.

If you make it a consistent habit, that saves a lot of Styrofoam use.

Tip #4: Use Your Balcony or Patio

Not every apartment has an outdoor space, but if you do have one, you should use it to its fullest extent. As Premeditated Leftovers points out, you could use that space to grow vegetables or an herb garden. You could also store a whirly-gig for drying your clothes, allowing you to skip the energy expenditure and cost of using the dryer in favor of hang drying.

Tip #5: Go Digital Whenever You Can

How much unnecessary stuff do you get in the mail? Digital billing saves a lot of paper as well as digital statements from your bank and credit cards. If you can get yourself taken off of bulk junk mail lists, such as by contacting Catalog Choice to opt out of certain bulk mail catalogs, then you’ll also have done your green deed for the day.

These are just a few, simple things you can do to be a little greener in your daily life. For more tips you can use while living in an apartment, simply contact us today!

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