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Eco-Friendly Solutions at Package Free

We’re all making a go of being eco-friendly but it can be challenging. Fortunately, there’s a single place where you can find products, advice, and ideas for how you can create less waste in your day-to-day life. That place is called Package Free.

What is Package Free All About?

According to Package Free the site has a single, very simple purpose; to help consumers and manufacturers reduce the amount of waste they have generated. Package free offers everything you need to live a zero waste lifestyle in one place. The site was originally started by Laura Singer, a pioneer in the zero waste movement. The options the store boasts are impressive. Almost every need in the home, where disposable solutions are often sought, have been met with a reusable, more eco-friendly option. From bamboo toilet paper to reusable silicone sandwich bags, there are hundreds of unique solutions available on this site. Adapt this lifestyle to your personal hygiene routine by purchasing tea tree charcoal facial bars and mayan loofahs. Use silicone soft travel bottles to hold hand sanitizer. Looking to make your kitchen more sustainable? Try a compostable vegetable scrub brush.

Perhaps one of the most unique items offered by Package Free, are their zero waste boxes. Each box is dedicated to a specific kind of waste that’s hard to recycle. Think plastic grocery bags of disposable gloves. Once the box is full, simply mail it in, and the company ensures that the contents are properly recycled.

What You Support Sends a Message

When it comes to being eco-friendly, we all have to do our part. As consumers we need to make it clear to manufacturers and corporations what we will — and more importantly — what we won’t support.

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