3 Eco-Friendly Skincare Products Under $15

There are many brands that are committed to eco-friendly skincare. However, it can be difficult to find products that are both eco-friendly and affordable. Here are some fantastic options that are inexpensive.

Minimal Packaging Facial Bar Soap

Pink rose clay facial soap by MeowMeowTweet is the perfect replacement for package heavy liquid facial soaps. Instead of plastic, it is placed in a paper box that can be easily recycled or reused. Pink rose clay facial soap is perfect for cleaning and exfoliating sensitive skin types, and is made with geranium and lavender essential oils to help heal damaged skin. It sells for only $12 per bar. MeowMeowTweet is committed to creating vegan and organic products in small batches and are working to reduce waste in the products they sell. 

Reusable Cotton Rounds

Cotton rounds are an essential product for cleansing and removing makeup. However, disposable cotton rounds clog up landfills. Thankfully, a company called EcoRoots creates a sustainable option. Their reusable cotton rounds are made with sustainably sourced cotton fabric that is soft, washable, and completely compostable. They run at $11 for a 10 pack of cotton rounds, and come packaged in recyclable paper.

Coral Reef-Friendly Facial Sunscreen

Sunscreen is known to have a damaging effect on coral reefs. However, Sun Bum makes an SPF 50 facial sunscreen that isn’t made with harsh chemicals that harm the environment. It costs only $13 for a 3 oz bottle of this daily sunscreen. Sun Bum uses organic vegan ingredients in all their hair care and sunscreen products. They are committed to protecting the ocean.

All three of these products are produced by companies that strive to be the best they can be for the planet. They’re great for someone who wants to live a greener lifestyle but is on a budget.

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