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Be More Eco-Friendly with Second-Hand Items

When it comes to trying to be more eco-friendly, a lot of us focus on the reduce and recycle part but often forget the reuse part. Yet, this is where we can make some of the biggest impacts on our habits and lifestyle choices!

In fact, take an inventory of all the things you currently buy brand-new–the number might surprise you. Items such as your clothes, furniture, electronics, and books could, instead, be bought second-hand.

You see, second-hand items are less expensive than purchasing new and they also don’t use any fresh resources or require any additional labor. Additionally, buying second-hand means that you keep those items out of the trash, which can be just as important. So if you’re looking for ways to find more second-hand items that will fit your needs, here are a few ideas you can explore.


Great Ways to be Eco-Friendly With Second-Hand Items

#1 The Library’s Book Sale Room

Chances are, your local library has a book sale room. These rooms are typically open during certain days of the week and offer duplicate books, retired movies, and more for sale. You can often pick up an entire shopping bag’s worth of entertainment for pennies on the dollar; that is, if you don’t mind a few dogeared pages or audiobooks that have been listened to a few hundred times. And even if there isn’t a regular book sale room, it’s likely your library system will have semi-annual sales that you can drop by to stock up for the season.

#2: Let Go 

While buying second-hand items electronically isn’t new in the age of Craigslist, the app Let Go is one you might want to try out. It allows people to search for second-hand items in their local area. This can be just the thing if you don’t want to deal with long shipping waits or the uncertainty of buying from an unknown seller. LetGo is highly useful for those who want to get their “new” stuff quickly.

#3: Freecycle

While Craigslist is often the go-to place for folks looking for everything from furniture to exercise equipment, Freecycle is another source to consider. People who have things they don’t want or need post them here hoping to find a new home for them. Whether you’re looking for a bicycle, a TV, a coffee table, or a winter coat, Freecycle probably has someone looking to give you one.

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