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Check Out The Habitat For Humanity ReStore

Most of us have heard of Habitat For Humanity. This non-profit organization builds homes for those who need them, and helps ensure shelter for many who otherwise wouldn’t have it. It’s a noble undertaking, and one that is constantly expanding. What many of us don’t know, however, is that part of the funding for Habitat For Humanity comes from their unique ReStores, which offer all of us a unique way to be a little greener while also contributing to the cause.

What Is A ReStore?

A Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a combination between a home goods store, home improvement store, and charity resale shop. People donate items they have that are leftover from their own home improvement or construction projects, and those who are looking for a low cost alternative can purchase these items to put them back to use. So whether it’s a box of tiles that was leftover from a bathroom remodeling, a set of cabinets a homeowner didn’t need, a new front door, fresh locks, or a dozen other items, the ReStore has them for less. And for those of us who live in apartments, ReStores also has lower cost furniture, appliances, organizers, and other items, both gently used and otherwise.

This is a double win for those looking to change up their decor, but who also want to keep their carbon footprints down. Because while you save money (and your purchases go to fund Habitat For Humanity’s efforts), you’re also buying items that otherwise would have gone into the waste stream. So you’re keeping that couch, light fixture, or former floor model desk out of a landfill, and not putting a strain on fresh manufacturing at the same time. Everybody wins!

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