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5 Eco-Friendly Products To Purchase

Technology can allow us to continue living our lives while minimizing our impact on the environment. Using efficient devices and switching to digital content is a great start, but there are other small steps we can take in order to be more eco-friendly. Purchasing these sustainable products is a great start:

#1: Rechargeable Batteries

While far from a new idea, rechargeable batteries are getting a lot of renewed attention in our age of portable devices. From wireless game controllers to TV remotes, we go through a lot of portable power. This is why it’s a good idea to purchase USB rechargeable batteries. They can save a lot of energy over their lifetime, and if you charge them from a portable solar panel it’s like you’re getting some of your energy for free!

#2: Slate-Ish Tiles

Paper waste may not get as much press as plastic waste does, but it’s still a problem. Slate-ish Tiles take scraps from manufacturers that would otherwise be thrown into landfills and compress them into a kind of faux-stone wallpaper. They are very realistic-looking, but they’re just stuck on with silicone adhesive. While intended to be permanent, they can also be attached to furniture like tables or nightstands to create a unique display.

#3: A Smart Plug

Vampire energy is a real thing, but a lot of us forget to unplug and turn off our devices. Fortunately, a smart plug is accessible via your smartphone and home Wi-Fi. Whether you’re nestled in bed or just got to work, all you have to do is open the app and turn off the plug to stop your devices from sucking power when you’re not using them.

#4: Recycled iPhone Cover

If you have an iPhone, you might fret about the resources that went into making it. However, you can help balance that out by getting a Nimble Bottle Case. These cases are made from recycled plastic, and a portion of the proceeds go to charities that deal specifically with water preservation. Plus they look really cool!

#5: Buy Recycled Plastic Clothing

Major companies are turning to recycled plastic as a way to make eco-friendly products. According to this list, some of the companies include Adidas and Nike (who are making shoes from ocean trash), DGrade, Patagonia, and others. Buying these items for your wardrobe sends a message to companies. It also gives you something fun and stylish to wear.

Putting more thought into your purchases is a great way to be more earth-friendly. For more ways you can be more eco-friendly in your day-to-day life, simply contact us today!

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