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Support Local Farmers With These Eco-Friendly Produce Boxes

Opting to buy straight from the farm instead of a franchise supermarket is a great way to give back to both the community and the environment. Local farmers preserve land, cultivate more genetically diverse crops, and require significantly less transport compared to industrial agriculture. Plus, their products go through far fewer hands to get to you, so you can be sure of where your money is going. Typically, the greatest disadvantage of shopping local is the inconvenience, but with more farms offering delivery services, that is changing. Here are some options to get farm-fresh, eco-friendly produce boxes delivered directly to your home.

1. Farm Fresh to You

Created by pioneers of modern organic agriculture, Farm Fresh to You has been delivering to its customers’ doorsteps since 1992. The company’s commitment to sustainability focuses not only on the practices and materials used on the farm but also on the well-being of its employees. They deliver to regions in NoCal and SoCal. Each box is curated to include a selection of seasonal favorites, but you always have the option to add and remove as you please. And it doesn’t stop at produce — you can also add on artisan products like dairy and jams.

2. Second Harvest FarmBox

After retiring their farm last summer, the team behind Incredible Edible partnered with Second City Food Bank. They now offering the FarmBox service. The produce is provided by Alegría Fresh, which specializes in regenerative agriculture. That means nearly all their waste goes back to the soil, creating a super-rich environment. This results in more nutritious crop yields. Boxes are available for delivery to Orange County residents through one-time or weekly/biweekly subscription options.

3. Talley Farms

With the largest delivery range of the list, Talley Farms caters to California, Nevada, and multiple other states. You can also head to one of the many pick-up locations between San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara. Their deliciously packed boxes are available on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. The best part of all might be knowing how much you’re giving back. Talley Farms donates to several organizations including the SLO Food Bank, the YMCA, and local schools. 

Now that you know where to get the ingredients, use the items from one of these eco-friendly produce boxes and cook up a delicious lunch. For even more information, our blog is filled with tips for green living. If you’re interested in joining one of our Western National communities, please contact us.

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