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Eco-Friendly Painting Tips to Spruce Up Your Apartment

Are you considering painting part of your home? If so, make sure that you understand the environmental impact! Some paints are toxic and non-biodegradable. But, fear not! There are many environmentally friendly ways to paint your home. Here are a just few eco-friendly painting tips to help get you started.

Easy Eco-Friendly Painting Tips

Use Low VOC Paint

VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. These compounds are found in both natural and man-made materials, including plants and paint. When paint dries, harmful chemicals are released into the air. This is what causes the odor that permeates a room after it is freshly painted. Use low VOC painting materials or paint that has no VOC at all. These products must go through various tests to get their labels, and they are significantly safer for the environment and your health. Despite what some people may think, they are affordable and just as good as regular paint. There are other safe options out there as well, such as milk paint and natural paint.

Paint Smart

In addition to using the right paint, you want to use the right amount of paint. Don’t dump out the entire container and risk leaving behind half a can of dried out paint! It’s best to paint section by section, refilling your tray as you go. This way, you’ll reduce excess paint usage and waste.

Proper Disposal

When disposing of your paint, make sure that you are not causing harm to the environment. If you need to throw paint away, keep it in a sealed container and have it disposed of by a facility that specializes in hazardous waste. Whenever possible, make sure all of your paint is put to good use. If you don’t need your extra paint, consider giving it to a friend or donating it. When throwing out your cans, make sure they are empty and that any leftover paint is dried out.

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