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Go Green in Your Beauty Routine With These Eco-Friendly Makeup Products

We all want to feel beautiful both inside and out. Many of us choose makeup as a way to do so. But do you know where your products are coming from, or how they’ll impact the environment after you’re done with them? If you want to look and feel more radiant this year while reducing your carbon footprint, here are four areas where residents of our Western Management apartments can change up their beauty routines. We can also recommend some great brands that make eco-friendly makeup products.

1. Brushes and Blenders

Every beauty routine requires a method to apply product to your skin. Whether you prefer traditional makeup brushes or beauty blenders, there are some great options to keep your routine sustainable. Trending UK-based company EcoTools provides green beauty enthusiasts with blenders and brushes made from 100% recycled materials. On top of that, all of their products are vegan, cruelty-free, and packaged in biodegradable paper! Visit their site to browse some great tools and start your green beauty journey.

2. Primer, Foundation, Concealer

Once you’ve got the right tools, you’ll need the right baseline products that keep your look fresh without hurting the environment. California-based brand Credo Beauty keeps harmful ingredients out of their makeup. Check out their primers, foundations, and more to ensure that your first layers of product are as clean as can be. 

3. Pigmented Products

Did you know that certain pigments used in makeup products are made with insects? And that’s not to mention other icky artificial materials in mainstream makeup that might achieve those brilliant colors you crave, but aren’t too healthy for the environment–or your skin! Try Zao Organic Makeup for some stunning green alternatives. They work hard to keep unnatural and harmful toxins, as well as animal products, out of their makeup while still providing radiant colors.

4. Moisturizer and Skin Care

Most of us think of makeup as our gateway to looking as amazing as possible, but don’t forget that clean and radiant looks start with healthy skin! Youth to the People, made right here in California, is an independent skincare company devoted to quality sustainable products that keep skin looking youthful and healthy. Not only that, but they give to other causes supporting the environment, so you know that your dollar is going to the right place in more ways than one.

Changing your purchasing choices is a great way to go green, from eco-friendly makeup products to kitchen cleaners. Want to join an apartment community that’s just as environmentally conscious as you are? Contact us to learn more about our communities, and visit our blog for more tips!

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