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3 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Home Office

Designing a home office to fit all your needs is a hot trend that is unlikely to fade any time soon. No matter your space, one of the best things you can do for your home office design is to go green. Eco-friendly home office design is easy to achieve, creates a pleasant work environment, and makes you feel good about your space. Let’s dive into three of Western National’s favorite ways to go green while improving or designing your home office.

1. Illuminate with LEDs and Sunshine

Use less power in your office with smart lighting choices. LED lightbulbs provide all the power of an incandescent bulb but use only a fraction of the power. They also glow at a cooler temperature, making LEDs not only eco-friendly but also safer to work around. Or, instead of any indoor lighting, when the sun is bright you can also simply open up your curtains and enjoy a little natural illumination. Gauzy white curtains make a great barrier, diffusing light and maintaining your privacy while allowing your office to soak up the sunshine.

2. Spruce Up Second-Hand Office Furniture

Furniture production has a carbon footprint, but second-hand furniture only uses a small amount of transport fuel. If you need a new desk, chair, shelf, or other office furnishings, look for nearby second-hand shops, yard sales, and others. You can find something amazing, and a good coat of paint goes a long way. Sourcing your furniture second-hard reduces your office’s carbon impact and you can build a delightful story about where each piece of your room’s design came from.

3. Switch Off Your Power Strips at Night

Phantom load is power that is still being used in a trickle when devices are mostly off. Switching devices off isn’t enough to stop phantom load, but turning off your power strips will do the trick. Set up your office on power strips and switch those strips off at night. You’ll find your entire office uses less power over the year as a result.

These tricks are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to eco-friendly home office ideas.

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