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5 Eco-Friendly Home Office Tips

The home office has become a must-have for modern professionals. Whether you are using a spare room in your apartment or staking out a corner of the living room, many of us now live and work in the same space. With a little planning, you can ensure you work out of an eco-friendly home office. Check out these tips and tricks from Western National.

1. Drink from a Reusable Water Bottle

Don’t use plastic bottles to stock your home office. This is an avoidable, yet surprisingly common, mistake people make in the interest of staying hydrated. Instead, keep a reusable water bottle. Or, if you crave sweet drinks, keep a stock of refillable bottles of juice in a nearby fridge.

2. Choose Sustainable Office Furniture

When furnishing your home office, look for sustainable options. Bamboo is a great choice because it’s a fast-growing wood, which prevents clear-cutting. You can also recycle and upcycle. Finding a used desk or restoring an old table can make the perfect elegant addition to your office.

3. Dust Your Screens with a Microfiber Cloth

Most of us learned to keep the office clean with paper towels. Switch to a stack of microfiber cloths instead. Microfiber is lint-free and therefore safe on delicate computer screens. Microfiber cloths are also useful for cleaning glasses if you happen to wear them.

4. Keep a Fan and Blanket on Hand

Many people experience temperature fluctuations when they work. You might get cold when you focus or hot when you stress out. Before you adjust the thermostat, self-adjust in the office. Keep a small fan and a throw blanket nearby to keep yourself comfy without taxing the power bill.

5. Take Notes on a Tablet or WhiteBoard

If you like to write notes by hand while you work (as many still do), take your notes in a reusable format. Instead of notepads, use a whiteboard or get a pen for your tablet to draw notes into a digital file. In addition to saving paper, your notes will be in one easy-to-find place.

Achieving an eco-friendly home office is easier than you might think. With just a little consideration, anyone can have a greener workspace. Add some desk plants and you’ll be good to go! For more green apartment tips or to find an apartment as eco-friendly as you are, contact us today.

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