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3 Tips for Your Eco-Friendly Hiking Trip

A day trip to a local hiking trail is a great green activity. No fossil fuels, minimal energy consumption, and an appreciation of nature all contribute to an eco-friendly lifestyle. If you’d like to enjoy an eco-friendly hiking trip, here are some tips on how to make your day even greener.

1. Eco-Friendly Gear and Clothing

Before hitting the trail, you will have to gather the necessary items. Rather than buying new things, consider repairing what you already have. For example, a patch on a jacket will be a badge of eco-friendly pride. Buying used gear is another alternative. Just because a pair of boots did not work for someone else does not mean they will not become your new favorites. When you do have to buy something new, consider eco-friendly brands.

2. On the Trail

Leave no trace principles were developed to reduce hiker’s impact on the environment. Stomping through muddy puddles is fun, and it also prevents trail erosion when you stay on the path. Also, make sure whatever you bring leaves with you. Planning will make this easier. Throw a bag in your pack to collect your garbage (and maybe some else’s trash). Finally, it is good practice to leave behind what you find in nature.

3. Take Care of Your Gear

Cleaning and treating your gear when you return will make it last longer.  Reducing the amount of equipment you need will reduce your carbon footprint. To make your boots more durable, give them a rinse and a rub down. Hiking attire usually has specific washing and drying instructions on the label. Nikwax water-based products may be used to condition your belongings after cleaning.

Western National Property Management is committed to green living, and our apartments are close to many hiking trails in California. To learn more, contact us. For more tips about sustainable living, from eco-friendly hiking trips to planning a sustainable picnic, check out our blog.

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