Young girl standing in a kitchen in homemade cardboard robot eco-friendly halloween costume

Eco-Friendly Halloween Costume Tips

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking up costume ideas! Take your efforts to preserve the environment to the next level by using these tips to make Halloween just as green as it is fun.

Here are five eco-friendly Halloween costume tips:

Transform Ordinary Household Items

Anything can become a costume with a little flair! Try combining a couple of recycled cardboard boxes and some milk jug caps to make an awesome classic robot costume. Or use old living room drapes to make a magical wizard’s cloak.

A little paint and a lot of imagination can turn your unwanted items into a tremendous costume in no time. Best of all, you don’t have to toss it out when you’re done. Instead, simply recycle the pieces, or donate the whole costume in order to give your creation another life. Bonus points for transforming household recyclables into super cool recycled decorations for your haunted house, too!

Get Crafty With Makeup

Halloween masks are stuffy, uncomfortable, and often made of petroleum-based plastics that do not biodegrade. Instead of purchasing a mask this year, go wild and transform your face with makeup. Don’t know where to start? There are tons of helpful video tutorials showing how to get creative with face paint and makeup on Halloween.

Haunt Your Local Thrift Store

Even if you’re at a total loss when trying to decide what your costume will be this year, one trip to the local thrift store should give you a few hundred ideas. Most second-hand shops have a variety of odds and ends that can be put together for less than $10, and the combinations provide some really unique opportunities.

Get really funky — combine snorkeling gear with old scrubs and become an underwater surgeon, or try to recreate a famous work of art exclusively with thrifted finds. The more creative you can be with less, the better!

Make Reusable Trick-Or-Treat Bags

There’s no worse end to a night of candy-grabbing than a broken loot bag. Save money (and tears) year after year by making strong, reliable reusable candy tote bags. There are hundreds of free patterns available on websites like Pinterest for super easy, 10-minute bags that are sure to please.

You can even match the bag to the costume, so get inspired! Be sure that it’s a sturdy bag, complete with handles or even a shoulder strap. This will help your little tricksters carry their hard-earned sweets with ease.

Use Kool-Aid For A Ghoulish ‘Do

Forget the harsh chemicals, ozone-depleting fumes, and lasting effects of spray-on temporary hair dye or boxed dye. Kool-Aid is the single best temporary hair dye you will ever use, and the bright colors will make your head spin!

Simply mix half as much water with the drink mix as you normally would and apply, keeping the color away from any exposed skin. Rinse the goop out, dry, then style abnormally for the Halloween party. The color should wash out in less than a week and it won’t harm you or your kids. This method is great for adding green tints to mermaid hair or creating a mesmerizing rainbow ‘do for a unicorn princess.

Learn More About an Eco-Friendly Halloween Costume

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