Eco-Friendly Essentials: The Power of Baking Soda

We all have a little box of baking soda for that spur-of-the-moment batch of chocolate chip cookies, but did you know this cheap (and non-toxic!) ingredient can be useful in a variety of ways around your home? In fact, baking soda is one of the eco-friendly essentials we recommend using in place of some expensive and toxic household items.

Read on to discover the top three uses for baking soda!

Baking Soda as a Natural Deodorizer

Put down that chemical-laden bottle of Febreze and combat odors with baking soda! Sprinkle it into your shoes at night for fresh smelling kicks in the morning. Dust your couch and carpet with it for a few minutes before vacuuming to freshen the air in your home.

Not impressed yet? Check out this recipe for an all-natural baking soda deodorant!

Baking Soda for Personal Care

The gentle, non-toxic nature of baking soda makes it a great addition to your personal care routine! Mix it with water and use it as an exfoliating facial scrub. Add a cup to a warm bath to ease skin irritation or sunburn.

You can also add it to your oral care routine for whiter teeth. Try mixing a pinch with your toothpaste once a week or try this simple recipe for a whitening treatment that is truly eco-friendly.

Finally, you can dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water to create homemade mouthwash.

Baking Soda as a Household Cleaner

One of baking soda’s greatest triumphs is its effectiveness as a cleaning product. Mix it with water to form a paste and watch it cut through soap scum and general mess. Apply the paste to a sponge and use it to scrub your bathtub, kitchen, or sink. The results are beyond impressive!

Combine baking soda with vinegar to clean toilet bowls or unclog drains. Add it to your washing machine for better smelling laundry, or to your dishwasher for cleaner pots and pans.

If you’re striving to live a green lifestyle, try incorporating eco-friendly essentials such as baking soda into your daily routine!

Already hooked on baking soda? You can find jumbo-sized boxes in big box stores and home improvement stores.  Remember, every time you choose a non-toxic product over a chemical-based alternative, you have a positive impact on our environment.

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