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4 Simple Tips For Eco-Friendly Entertainment

We don’t usually think about our entertainment habits. Yet, a lot of our time, energy, and consumption are based around the things we consume. So, if you want to be a little bit greener, try using the following eco-friendly entertainment options when it comes to enjoying your free time.

Tip #1: Go Digital

Digital resources are plentiful, and thanks to ever-expanding Internet access they’re easier than ever to get your hands on. And if you want to start making an impact with your decisions, this is a great place to start.

For example, it takes three times fewer raw materials to make an ebook than it does a regular, printed book according to Green Point Publishing. If you’re a regular reader, going digital could make a big impact over the years.

The same is true for movies; digital storage on a single device is a lot more efficient than the sheer production and resources it takes to produce an entire shelf of DVDs.

Tip #2: Use Print on Demand Services

Sometimes you just want to have a physical copy of a book. Particularly if you’re a person who just doesn’t like reading from a screen.

If you’re going to go this route, consider looking for print-on-demand books. Normal, mass-market books are printed in huge batches in order to stock shelves in bookstores. Copies that aren’t sold tend to be destroyed, making this an extremely wasteful system.

Print-on-demand books, however, are printed when they’re ordered, using technology to only create the physical book once someone asks for it. This saves a lot of time, energy, and resources according to Ingram Spark.

Tip #3: Rent When You Can

While we tend to think of movie chains like Blockbuster as relics of a distant past, there are still a lot of rental options for entertainment. Your local library is one of the biggest ones.

So before you make a purchase or get something new, consider that there are other ways to enjoy the resources without adding it to the big consumption pile.

Tip #4: Get Thrifty

Resale stores are good for more than bargains on furniture and clothing. They’re full of books, movies, CDs, and even records in some cases. Buying stuff from these stores means you’re not consuming fresh goods, and you’re keeping stuff that’s already out there from being thrown away.

Using these tips will help you maintain an eco-friendly, go green lifestyle. For more tips on how you can continue to live sustainably, simply contact us today!

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