Baking soda with vinegar and a blue bucket with a white cleaning towel

Eco-Friendly Cleaning: Shine and Sparkle!

Have you ever looked at all of the warnings on the back of your cleaning supply bottles? You’ll typically find frankly frightening language! Many commercial cleaning supplies are pure poison; some even carry precautions to wear respiratory protection or goggles.

So here’s a question: if a product is potentially toxic for you, what effect might it have on the environment?

The Impact

According to SFGate, many cleaners contain phosphorus, nitrogen, ammonia, and other chemicals which can enter waterways. These compounds can cause the growth of some plants to skyrocket, crowding out native aquatic creatures.

Eventually, these mega-plants perish. When they die, they release mega-quantities of oxygen into the water. Does this sound like a good thing? Unfortunately, it’s not! Oxygen encourages the growth of algae, which causes more decay.

Then the water becomes undrinkable; you can’t even wash in it!

Meanwhile, entire ecosystems are adversely affected in a giant chain reaction.

What Can I Do?

Maybe you feel helpless – you have to clean your home, after all!

But there are options:

Elbow Grease

If something doesn’t come off a surface immediately, our inclination might be to spray it with a chemical. But the absolute lowest impact move is to work those muscles. Get to work scrubbing and, typically, the friction will release whatever particles were adhered to the surface.

Bonus: cleaning this way adds up to a mighty workout! Burn calories, build muscle, and clean!

Baking Soda

As one of the safest and eco-friendly cleaning products, baking soda can’t be beaten! It’s available in bulk at warehouse stores for cheap, which means you’ll get the bonus of minimizing your environmental impact through reduced packaging. You can use it as an abrasive cleaner throughout the whole house! Sprinkle and rub; likely that grease will be removed!

For heavier duty cleaning, you can mix baking soda with some vinegar when you scrub the toilet or do similar tasks.

So phase out your regular cleaning supplies and give eco-friendly cleaning a try…our waterways will thank you!

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