The Eco-Friendly Chef: Canning and Preserving

Did you know that you can become an eco-friendly chef? By utilizing earth-friendly, organic recipes and cutting back on the canned products you buy, you can eliminate much of the waste that traditional packaging produces.  Canning and preserving your own foods is a fantastic way to enjoy healthy, delicious food year round. Additionally, you get the added benefit of knowing what’s in your food, often at a fraction of the cost you’d pay at the store.


Getting Started as an Eco-Friendly Chef

You don’t need to go large scale to preserve your food! There are plenty of canning cookbooks that focus on small batches. You will need a water bath canner for jams, jellies, pickles and high acid foods. If you want to can foods with lower acidity like green beans and soups you will need a pressure canner. Canning jars can be bought at almost any major retail store, ordered online, or reused from previous purchases.


Choosing Produce

You may not be able to plant a garden in your apartment, but there are other alternatives to getting organic, fresh produce for canning. Farmer’s markets are a great option. Many areas have pick-your-own farms that allow you to get the amount you need at incredible prices. Craigslist is another resource for locals selling fruits and vegetables. It can be a great way to pick up canning jars as well!


Start Simple

If you have never canned anything, start simple. Go strawberry picking and make a simple jam. Salsa is another favorite that is easy to make. Anything that can be done in a water bath or steam canner is easy enough for the beginner. Once you start canning your vegetables and soups, you will never go back to eating pre-packaged products.


Why Become an Eco-Friendly Chef?

Even if you are only making jams, jellies, and salsa, you are supporting the local economy when you buy from local farmers. You are also helping reduce waste by reusing your containers, and you know that the food you consume is healthy. It’s a win-win situation for all.

Going green is a way of life at Western National Property Management. We love sharing eco-friendly ideas with our residents and hearing their ideas as well. If you would like more green living tips and tricks, please contact us!

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